Meet the Team


President | Instructor for Advanced Tajweed

The journey of Dar Nafisa Academy has always been a humbling experience for me and the hardworking team that has constantly believed in the mission and vision of serving the younger ummah through quality, applicable knowledge and nurturing. I feel honoured to be given the opportunity to support the magnificient work that our school principal and her team has accomplished over the years and I ask Allah for his blessing and reward for them always. I enjoy the fun and loving environment that we promote within our teaching and non teaching volunteers and I can certainly see why our students at Dar Nafisa Academy are always early every Sunday!

I work as a management consultant in telecommunications, specialising in design, assessments and construction for most State and Federal infrastructure development projects in VIC, NSW, QLD and SA.


Principal | Head of Curriculum| Teacher of Seniors Islamic Studies

Echoing the wisdom of the Prophet Muhammad saw, 'there is no beauty better than intellect', Dar Nafisa Academy endeavours to cultivate in our students immense passion and inquisitiveness in their quest for knowledge. Henceforth, with Allah's will, I have been humbly honoured to be bestowed this opportunity to incorporate my knowledge of creative pedagogy and educational neuroscience in designing an inquiry-based Islamic curriculum. Alhamdulillah, by Allah's grace, time constructively invested into meticulous curriculum planning for the academy has  been a meaningful and heartening learning journey for myself. It has not just helped in filling my initial meagre vessel of knowledge, but more significantly, heightened my spiritual ascension an a renewed sense of appreciation for my deen. Simultaneously blessed with a beautiful and dedicated team, I sincerely hope that we shall be bestowed the zeal and fervour to continue this extraordinary work for Allah swt, insy'allah.



I graduated from Monash University in Banking and Finance in 2017 and I currently work for NAB in a business support team. I have been a DNA volunteer from 2016, primarily as a Treasurer. I am also involved in the administrative duties of the school, ensuring everything runs smoothly. Being part of DNA has been fun and exciting and has allowed me to connect and interact with the Muslim ummah. Apart from working  and volunteering at DNA, I enjoy playing sports like soccer and a bit of basketball.


Teacher of Beginner's Islamic Studies & Beginner's 1 Tajweed

Whilst at university, my mother - who is an Islamic studies teacher - taught me how to teach Quran Arabic to young children. It was a good experience tutoring a grade one student under her supervision. I worked as a language therapist and audiologist at a school for the Deaf for 5 years. This is where I developed an empathy for students living in bilingual and bicultural environments. There were Deaf students who approached me to share Islamic knowledge with them and teach them Surah Fatiha, etc, in both Arabic and Sign Language. My speech therapy training became useful when teaching the pronunciation of the Arabic letters. I enjoy being a part of the DNA team and enrolled my children because I appreciate the teaching methodology used here. It is so important to develop critical thinking in young children as they form their own identities as Australian Muslims.


Teacher of Emergent Islamic Studies & Beginner's 2 Tajweed

[Coming soon]


Teacher of Intermediate Islamic Studies & Intermediate 1 Tajweed

I am currently studying Biomedical Technology at the Swinburne University of Technology. My passions include linguistics and sport. I also enjoy baking and hiking - alhamdulillah there are many beautiful places to walk in and around Melbourne. I love teaching at Dar Nafisa Academy as we go beyond a surface level analysis and are then able to have in-depth conversations about what it means to be a Muslim in Australia.


Teacher of Youth Islamic Studies & Intermediate 2 Tajweed

In 2017, I graduated with an ATAR of 92.31 and I'm currently in my second year at the University of Melbourne studying Psychology and Literature with some visual art subjects on the side. Apart from working here at DNA, I tutor English and Maths at a primary level. When I'm not busy studying or teaching, I enjoy making art, reading, writing and going on picnics with friends! InshaAllah I hope to connect with the youths of the DNA community and help each other to consider, navigate and strengthen their Muslim identities in a Western world.


Teacher of Graduand's Islamic Studies

Over the last 12 years I have taught in sister’s study circles and have been involved in da'wah which has afforded me the opportunity to deepen my knowledge and grow my passion for Islam. My involvement in interfaith programs has enabled me to help dispel myths about Islam and share its core articles and beliefs with the wider Australian community. To add to my bachelor of social science (political science) I am currently undertaking a Master of Teaching which will bolster my experience as an educator, insha’Allah. At Dar Nafisa I can share my passion for Islam with the younger members of our community.


Communications & Media

I graduated in 2017 with a Bachelor of Nursing & Emergency Health (Paramedics) from Monash University, and I currently work as an emergency/paediatric nurse. During my studies, I tutored students anywhere between prep to VCE in English. I developed an interest in volunteering at DNA after observing their creative and critical methods of exploring Islam. The holistic approach in educating youth, providing a safe, intellectually-stimulating space to ask questions and always contextualising Islam in the past and the present all inspired me to join. Since then, I have been involved in various teaching and administrative roles.