What parents & students think...

What I like is how sister Tanzeela plans her work, not the traditional textbook methods. The content is more current, not like a history class. It’s more relatable and applicable. They get the students involved more, get their opinion, get them to participate. And it’s more fun as well, not very serious. It’s casual and engaging. Also, the smaller class sizes, everyone knows everyone. And my kids love to come here, so as long they’re happy, I’m happy. They never complain.”

- Nusra, parent 

I find it nice to have teachers care about our education and put so much time and effort in what we need to learn. I am looking forward to learning more thing about the prophets, and what is put in the Quran. I feel grateful for what I have. Thank you all teachers who are helping me learn

- Saffiya, 10, student 

Here at Dar Nafisa we have the chance to be open, curious and inquisitive. Not to mention that we also learn a lot about not just the prophets and the Quran, but how we should behave as Muslims. My favourite part of the day is Assembly, where we all come together and learn. I also love how Sister Tanzeela creates fun activities for us to do to learn, and explains the topic easier with analogies that we can all understand.

- Sheza, 11, student 

The teachers are very involved, they’re really enthusiastic about what they teach.

- Victoria, 13, student

I guess I like the learning environment because it allows you to converse with your friends. It gives you a more fun way of learning, it’s not only just textbooks.

- Diella, 9, student 

What I like about Dar Nafisa is the methods of how they teach students, and how it’s constantly repeated to you so that you can contemplate, ponder, and analyse everything to a deeper level, rather than just the basics. I like how it’s not all about copying down notes and textbook knowledge. We have to find everything on our own and put things into perspective.

- Dawood, 13, student