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A Research Breakthrough on Resurrection

It is not uncommon for Muslim youth to be introduced to heavy topics such as death and morality early on in their Islamic education. However, at Dar Nafisa, we endeavour to elevate their understanding, encourage their analysis and broaden their reflections. This allows them to contextualise and relate to what can otherwise seem like abstract ideas, often a real challenge when you're a kid or a teenager. Introducing Sara: a 13 year old from the Senior Islamic Studies class. The class is currently analysing Surah Al Waqiah, and in one particular lesson, they took a look at the tangible scientific reminders of the process of resurrection. As part of her homework, Sara presented her findings in the style of a research report...

Common belief on death:

Death is a concept that is difficult to comprehend; it is because of the many different views and descriptions of it. Some say that when something dies, they are just a dead body, some think of it as just something that happens. There are many misconceptions of death and one of the most common is that you just die and there is nothing more. This is wrong, in Surah Waqiah, Allah refers to 4 aspects of life that are capable of such. First being fire, second water, third pan and last human. Although this may be hard to understand, there has been an investigation and research behind what makes these four elements have the capability to be resurrected.

Current research findings on life from death in Surah Al Waqiah:

The 4 creations are fire, water, plant and human, they are essential for surviving and living our daily life; but what makes them capable of resurrection?

Fire starts when a material has been rapidly oxidised and creates what we know as fire. Fire gives off heat and light which made it an important part of human history. To make a fire you would use wood since it is of the essentials to start a fire. The wood that you use must be in rational portions since you would not light a whole tree on fire; when chopping the wood, you are essentially killing it. Even though you have chopped off the wood and 'killed it', there is still energy in the piece of wood that has been lying dormant. When someone ignites it, the energy is used as fuel for the fire and it is then resurrected.

Water is one of the most important substances on Earth, animals use it for drinking, washing and cooling down. When learning about water, you will have to learn about the water cycle. In the water cycle, first the water comes down and that is rain. Then it lands on the ground and seeps into the soil, like being buried when dead, they are obliged to stay in the soil until the time is right. The next stage is evaporation, this is when the water rises from the soil and back into the sky. This relates to humans because when the Day of Judgement arrives, your soul is lifted out of your body and you are brought up from the soil into the sky.

Plants starts off as seeds which are in fact dead. Seeds are just a little object that can produce remarkable things. When planting a seed, you must first bury it in the ground, which relates back to when you die. If you water it and nurture it well, it will grow and be 'resurrected'.

None of the four elements have been brought to life on their own, the only way for your plant to grow is Allah allowed it, the water cycle only works because Allah allows it, everything is under Allah's supreme rule.

Resurrection of dead souls through the Al Quran:

In this world, there are also many metaphorical examples of resurrection, one of which is the Quran and its 'healing powers'. When in darkness and you cannot seem to find the light, use the Quran to bring you back to the light. The Quran can help you in many ways and provide you with knowledge. It resurrects you spiritually by showing you right from wrong and teaching you what path you should follow.

Impact on finding humanity:

When you are 'resurrected', you will have a new outlook on life, this can affect you in many ways and will impact your life greatly. The difference between those who have no guidance and those who do, are that the ones without are left in darkness and feel as though they have no purpose in life. The ones that have guidance will feel remarkably different from others, they have a sense of purpose which lifts them to greater heights; they do not cower when faced with fear because they know that it is but a trial for something great.

Future research proposal:

Although the elements necessary for people to have guidance and be spiritually enlightened, they are not willing to accept it.

One of the reasons that people might not want to accept it is because of pride. Pride is becoming an overwhelmingly large problem in today's society and people are comfortable with this situation.

Another reason could be wealth. Wealth is an important part of many people's lives, take Ebenezer Scrooge, he did not care about anyone until he got guidance. Many like to just focus on themselves and their wealth with no regard for others.

The last reason that people could not want to accept spiritual enlightenment is because of their overwhelmingly large sense of pride and they want to be the best. Some don't want there to be a higher entity besides themselves, they want to be the best and beat everyone, that includes Allah.

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