Message from our Principal
Sr Tanzeela KHM Ahmed BEd (HON), MEd (UniMelb)

At Dar Nafisa Academy, we aim to equip our students with a “thinking cum spiritual tool kit” to constructively and effectively shape decisions in the face of unprecedented challenges.  We also strive to generate both creative and positive thinkers who stand tall and take pride in their faith despite the negativity which confronts them.  It is also crucial for our students to recognise that Islam extends beyond a set of laws, particularly the clichéd halal and haram.  Irrespective of the backlash propagated in the media, an awareness that Islam is timeless, imbued with logical solutions for the most even intricate conundrum is vital in the education of our younger generation.  Through the course of our work, our team acknowledges the need for a heightened awareness of the importance of a more contextualised spiritual education in the Muslim community.

Henceforth, we further strive to create a learned community by helping parents to support their children academically and emotionally through the provision of relevant workshops. To achieve our goals, we believe in returning to the core tenet of Islam for a lifelong quest in Islamic education.  This is aligned with the Quran’s first commandment to mankind, “READ”.  Through a meticulously-designed curriculum which incorporates brain-based learning and creative pedagogy, we want our students at Dar Nafisa Academy to relate and pitch the relevancy of the Quran’s content and the Prophet Muhammad’s (peace be upon him) sayings to their current contexts.

The academy takes pride in prioritising students' emotional and psychological well-being.  The non-threatening and stimulating classroom setting encourage students to pose the most sensitive questions pertaining to social concerns and common misconceptions tagged to Islam.  We encourage our students to remove their inhibitions for questioning and speaking up when doubts arise.  Ultimately, we want our students to use their voice and intellectual capacity to make future positive changes in the community, society and hopefully on a global scale.  Above all, the process of self-reflection and internalisation of the faith is incumbent with our philosophy of maintaining humility in the pursuit of knowledge and success in this world and the Hereafter, Insya'Allah.