Hire a speaker

If you have an event for which you require a speaker, our staff is able to cover a range of topics, broadly outlined below. As our team consists of working adults and university students with personal commitments, hence timing needs to be negotiated with the speaker's availability. Email us at info@darnafisaacademy.org

Gifted education and twice exceptionality

Early childhood education in the Islamic perspective

Teaching Islam using creative pedagogy & inquiry-based learning

Islam & politics

Islamic history


Islam in the current global climate

VCE study skills 

Time management

Transitioning from school to tertiary education

Transitioning from university to the workplace

Youth mentoring 

Female empowerment

How to start up not-for-profit organisations
Audiology & dangerous decibels


You are welcome to contact us about particular topics not listed here - where possible we will endeavour to help.  
Talk to us @ 1300 225 231 or email us at info@darnafisaacademy.org